Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

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1. Where is Gladstone Commercial Corporation's common stock listed?

Our common stock is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol GOOD.
For more detailed stock information, please visit our Stock Information page.

2. How many shares of the Company's common stock, $0.001 par value, were outstanding as of July 30, 2019?

31,003,979  shares of the Company’s common stock, $0.001 par value, were outstanding as of July 30, 2019.

3. Does Gladstone Commercial Corporation have a distribution reinvestment program?

Yes. To enroll, please click here and follow instructions on setting up an account with Computershare, Inc.

4. How can I request additional information from Gladstone Commercial Corporation?

You can contact us via our Information Request page.

5. How can I receive Email alerts from Gladstone Commercial Corporation?

To sign up for Email alerts on our Events, Documents, Press Releases and closing stock price information click here to visit our Email Notification page.

6. When is your Fiscal Year End?

Our year end is December 31.

7. What is the current schedule of lease expirations for GOOD?
Gladstone Commercial Corp        
Year % Of Revenues Expiring*      
2019 2.5%        
2020 8.2%        
2021 8.1%        
2022 6.0%        
2023 9.2%        
2024 11.3%        
2025 9.0%        
2026 7.4%        
2027 13.6%        
2028 7.9%        
2029 3.9%        
2030 1.5%        
2031 5.2%        
2032 2.2%        
2033 1.3%        
2034 1.5%        
2036 0.6%        
2039 0.6%        
  *Assumes Current Portfolio size with no growth. Figures as of 6/30/2019.  


8. What are the number of industrial vs. office leases expiring in 2019 and 2020?
Gladstone Commercial Corp        
  Industrial Leases Expiring Office Leases Expiring      
2019 2 1      
2020 0 8      
Totals: 2 9      
9. 2019 Lease Expirations where tenants are vacating


Lease Expiration Date

% of 2018 Rental Income

Columbus, Ohio



Tulsa, Oklahoma



Maple Heights, Ohio





10. Please explain the definition of and your interest in anchored multi-tenant properties.

Gladstone defines an anchored multi-tenant property as one whereby the “anchor” occupies approximately 70% of the space under a long term lease and satisfies Gladstone’s credit underwriting requirements.  The balance of the property can be occupied by small, even local tenants. 

We like the anchored multi-tenant space as it represents a hybrid between pure net lease and the traditional multi-tenant space.  These generate higher yields than true net lease and yet we feel comfortable with the added risk due to our credit underwriting capabilities for both the lead tenant and the smaller tenants.